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General Dentistry

As your experienced dentists in Longfield we believe that regular visits to your dentists can improve your overall oral health.

Dental Examinations

Visiting your dentists regularly for routine dental examinations has proven to improve patient’s oral health.

Your dental examination at New Ash Green Dental Centre includes

  • Updating your general health details
  • Checking for pain and discomfort
  • Checking the jaw joints
  • Analysing the occlusion (Bite)
  • Assessing the soft tissue for infection or other conditions
  • Oral Cancer Check
  • Confirmation that previous dental work is satisfactory
  • Recording measurements of the gums to assess for gum disease
  • Examination of teeth for caries (Tooth Decay)
  • Treatment Planning and note taking.

Dental Hygiene Visit

Experienced Dental HygienistsExperienced Dental Hygienists

Our friendly and gentle hygienists have many years of experience in helping our patients reduce the risk of gum disease by cleaning your teeth in those hard to reach areas – you still need to do your bit by brushing properly twice a day with fluoride toothpastes.

Your visit to the hygienist at New Ash Green Dental Centre includes

  • Extensive clean of your teeth
  • Gum measurements to assess for gum disease
  • Removal of calculus
  • Polishing your teeth to improve its looks
  • Removing some stains caused by food matter
  • Advice on how to improve your oral health

Fillings and Restorations

Amalgam fillings in the lower jaw can often be seen when we talk or laugh.But amalgam fillings can also sometimes be seen in the upper jaw.These can be unsightly and can also discolour the tooth.Composite (White) fillings are available to improve this and sometimes it is quite impossible to see the tooth has even had a filling.

We only use the highest quality of composite (white) filling material which is proven to last and to reduce future further decays. Fillings are done when part of the tooth is damaged due to an accident or through decay.

Dental fillings are not painful and are usually completed in one session. Our dental practice can provide you with a wide selection of filling materials which include ceramics, composites and other mercury-free material.