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About Us


To provide for all the patients in our care access to the kindest, most up to date and efficacious health care available.

To try our utmost to do the best for our patients.

To be aware of the costs but not be constrained by cost.

To offer the best even if it is expensive but always strive to supply value for money


Our patients are the most important people in this practice.

We depend on our patients.

Our patients are not an interruption of our work, but the sole purpose of it.

Our patients do us a favour by contacting us, they have plenty of practices to choose from.

Our patients are part of our practice.

Our patients bring us specific needs, it is our job to satisfy those needs.

Our patients deserve the most courteous and attentive treatment we are able to give.

Our patients are the life blood of this practice.

Huw and Kate Winstone have been practice owners in New Ash Green since buying the practice in 1985.

We pride ourselves on the skills and experience of team who work here. We believe that we provide a very pleasant, hugely caring and friendly environment and that ultimately we aim to treat all our patients as individuals with their own particular needs and concerns. Our major focus as a practice is for patients to feel that they have been treated with compassion and given all the information and options for them to make an informed decision about their dental care.

Between us, we have a great deal (too much sadly!!) of experience of dentistry. Apart from working in the practice,Huw Winstone wears a number of hats in that he is the Vice Dean for Postgraduate dental training in the South East of England and is involved in a number of ways in the NHS monitoring of dentistry.

Kate Winstone works 3 days a week in the practice and, apart from general dentistry, she has long-standing experience of providing invisible braces called Invisalign, does Botox-type treatments and fillers for cosmetic facial treatment, and also does some postgraduate dental teaching and works for solicitors as an expert witness in dentistry.

Jane Tinkler has great experience of treating both children and the elderly and is now working at Croydon University Hospital where she treats people with particular restorative problems, especially those with jaw pain.

Val Newell has also been with us for many years and apart from general dentistry, she works as an orthodontic assistant at her husband’s orthodontic practice in Gravesend and also provides Invisalign. Paul Maddison-Roberts has also been with us for many years and is a general dentist who works 5 days a week in New Ash Green.

Tom Heidari started here in 2013 having qualified at Belfast Dental Hospital in 2009. He is providing implants in our practice and is interested in cosmetic dentistry. Tom also works in Chelsea and Surrey and is with us 2 days a week.

We would all hope that our enthusiasm for our work and to do the best by our patients comes across in the entire ethos of New Ash Green Dental Centre.

We operate a 7 day-a-week on call service for our patients and this is very reassuring for those who come here. We are anxious that none of our patients should have to see other dentists if they are in pain or have worries. Many of our patients are on our Denplan scheme which allows us to cover a call-out free of charge, but there is a fee for those who pay as they go for treatment.